Why North Cyprus?

W h y   N o r t h   C y p r u s ?

North Cyprus

N o r t h   C y p r u s

Fantastic warm Mediterranean climate with over 320 days of sunshine a year.
Untouched and unspoilt nature with choice of seasides, mountains, forests, arange or olive groves.
Sandy and long beaches.
Rich and unique culture and history from ancient times to modern days.
Outdoor lifestyle all year round and healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Impressive historical sites featuring ancient amphitheatres, Ramon cities, medieval castles, Catholic cathedrals, churches and monasteries.
Very affordable lifestyle combined with a high standard of living.
Low crime rate making North Cyprus one of the safest destinations in the world.
English is widely spoken in North Cyprus.
Friendly local population.
Easy rules of entry for all nations with no visa requirements prior to travel.
International schools and universities with a good level of education.
High standard of medical service and technology at affordable prices.
Growing economy and increase of foreign investment in general infrastructure.
Fantastic choice of great value homes in various locations.
Steady increase in the property values over recent years due to increased demand and rising numbers of visitors.
High rental potential for both short term and long term.
Simple procedure for the application of residency permits for property owners regardless of the investment amount.


Generally, North Cyprus has perfect, temperate weather. Most of the time you can feel the sweet, Mediterranean breeze. Of Course there is humidity, and it increases in the summer and decreases in fall and winter. The temperature begins to rise at the end of April. The weather in summer is hot especially in the daytime but in the evenings and at night times the weather is just lovely! Also, the weather in winter is not very cold. But it should be mentioned that sometimes the temperature decreases to 14°. There is no snow on this island but don't forget your umbrella because it might get rainy!


The currency in this country is the Turkish lira. But if you want to buy a car or a property you have to use the British pound. And also in some cases, the apartment's rents are in pounds, euros and dollars. This is a tourist island and most of the people's incomes are from tourists. Although there are some industries like shipping and construction companies that help the economy. Most people know English but If someone wants to find a job in North Cyprus she/he has to know Turkish. But if you know English there are some jobs available on this island that you can apply for. It is good to know that handy jobs (mechanic, electrician, hairdresser, etc.) are popular on this island.


North Cyprus with its wonderful nature has been tourist’s destination for years. It has 6 main cities. Lefkosa(Nicosia), Famagusta, Kyrenia, Guzelyurt, Lefke and Iskele. If you are looking to spend a good time on shiny and warm sands, we would recommend you the Long Beach which is located in Iskele or the Palm Beach in Famagusta. Although there are many spectacular beaches in North Cyprus. And for the Mountaineers, we highly recommend you the Kyrenia mountains with their beautiful landscapes. Golf Club, Beach Club, Casinos, Water Sports, Water Parks, City Mall, Historical Castles, and etc., are other places that you can visit and enjoy during your holiday.


The president of Northern Cyprus is Ersin Tatar. The politics of this island is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. The president is a head of state. And also the head of the government and the multi-party system is the Prime Minister. every president will be elected for 5 years. North Cyprus has a good relation with European countries and the United estate.Turkey has a big control over this island because the most support and help is from this country.


This island (North Cyprus), has an area of 3,355 square kilometers. The distance between Turkey and Northern Cyprus is 75 Km. Its neighbors are Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Greece. It also has 2 main bays: Morphou Bay and Famagusta Bay. It is good to know that the highest point of this island is Mount Selville with an altitude of 1024 meters. According to information, 56.7% of the land in Northern Cyprus is agriculturally viable.


The education system of North Cyprus contains: pre-school education, primary education, secondary education and higher education. It is good to know that the Higher Education Planning Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) of Northern Cyprus is a member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education. North Cyprus has many good universities such as EMU, NEU, CIU, and etc. Most of the programs are taught in English and also most of the universities in North Cyprus have low tuition. Considering the best qualities and professional staff.


One of the things that always fascinates tourists is the Turkish Cypriot Food. North Cyprus has many traditional and delicious foods. Some of its well-known dishes are, kebabs made of skewered lamb (sis kebab) or ground with herbs and spices and made into a kofte or seftali kebab. Other meat based food will be wrapped in bread like Lahmacun. Also North Cyprus has a variety of vegetarian food such as dolma which has rice, bean, and dried vegetables.

Medical and Health Care

The health care system in North Cyprus consists of 2 sectors: The Public sector and the Private sector. In the public or state sector, health care is said to be provided on a discounted basis for workers in various fields who have social security insurance, however, it is deemed to be free to individuals undergoing emergency care due to accidents. The private sector is said to be the system that is most inclined by its locals in recent years which has seen an increase in individuals choosing this option and taking the opportunity of acquiring health insurance. In regards to the international demographic that resides in North Cyprus, in terms of the student community, Public or state health care is easily accessible to a student, they have the opportunity to acquire automatic health insurance that covers various medical charges that may have been incurred. The difference between that and the private sector is the cost that is incurred when opting for the private hospital, the costs are affordable and there is an advantage of better comfortability and convenience.


The main religion in North Cyprus is Islam, it is the major religion followed by 99% of the population. Given that it is the dominant religion, there are also other religions that are present, such as Christianity which takes 5% of the population, both orthodox and unorthodox as well as other religions. All religions and religious practices are celebrated and not discriminated against, this shows and highlights that there is a level of respect that exists with cities providing the inclusivity of mosques and churches. Since North Cyprus is a historic country, its scenic areas do consist of religious landmarks that exist such as: The Arabmhent Mosque in Nicosia, the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Selimiye Mosque and Haydarpasha Mosque just to name a few.

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