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Buying Guide

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Tliman Investment Company is ready to cooperate with the individuals and companies in different fields such as, investment, emigration, estates, car rental, etc. The Buying Guide has been made to inform the users, about the financial affairs regarding each service. These contents have been designed, exclusively for the Tliman Investment Company and all the contents are under the copyright law. We recommend you to read the privacy policy and terms of use first, before using our website. This part could be upgraded, regarding the new content. the new information will be announced from the website’s notification. All the financial affairs, related to each section, have been explained specifically.

First of all, Tliman Investment Company would like to announce that it will present a free tour for the property buyers in 4 days and 3 nights. At first the Tliman pick up car comes to welcome the buyers at the airport and then it will transfer you to our luxury houses for staying. After that we start to present every project in every city. Only customers who finalized the contract regarding purchasing a property will have a free transfer to the airport. Note that the side costs such as, food, restaurant, etc, will not be covered by Tliman Company.
After the buyer has selected a property, she/he must read the content below, carefully.
There are two ways to purchase a house in North Cyprus, in cash or with installments.
The buyer must pay 1 deposit (the amount of the deposit and the duration could be changeable regarding every construction company)
Most of the current projects in North Cyprus has the terms below:
*Prepay = 30%
* Delivery time: 20% to 30%
* The rest would be divided into 1-year installment (in some companies 2 to 3 years) without the bank's interest.
* In case of paying the long term installment, the bank's interest will be considered.
Every company has its own terms in this case. In some companies, If the buyer paid the 30% deposit before, and now wants to annul the contract, the company will take that 30% deposit. And also if the buyer paid the deposit more than 50 %, the company after calculating the loss and its deductions, will pay the rest of the money to the buyer.

All the costs and commissions will be announced to the investor by the Tliman Company through a face to face meeting. The investor must read the contract, completely, after the agreement about the costs. If the investor requests an annulment during the process or in the middle of it, after signing the contract, she/he must pay an amount for the time and all the services which Tliman company has provided. If the investor presents the rational reasons, then she/he is excused from paying that amount. The investors must consider that investments are not always profitable, thus the Tliman Company will not take any responsibility for the economy’s unstable situation.