Term of use

a n   a g r e e m e n t
  t h a t   a   u s e r
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Term of use

T e r m   o f   u s e

Tliman Investment Company is ready to cooperate with the individuals and companies in different fields such as, investment, emigration, estates, car rental, etc. The Term of Use has been made to inform the users, the right way of using the Tliman’s official website (www.Tliman.com). These terms have been designed, exclusively for the Tliman Investment Company and all the contents are under the copyright law. We recommend you to read the privacy policy first, before using our website. This part could be upgraded, regarding the new content. the new information will be announced from the website’s notification. For using the website in the right way, please read the information below, carefully.

1) Investment
If a company or an individual wanted to invest, they must come to the company for signing the contract with the Tliman’s manager or one of the related authorities . Once the investment field has been selected, the Tliman company will introduce its agents to the investor for the expertise affairs. Most of the process will be done face to face, not virtually. Users can send their request via email or contact Tliman Company directly.

2) Real state
Buyers can easily receive the information of properties through our official website (www.Tliman.com) or they can contact us via email, face to face, etc. All the property and project’s prices are upadated. Sometimes the buyer could see the price differences. In that case we would recommend you to contact our company for more clarification. Buyers can apply to buy houses online, just for the beginning part, and most of the process of buying would be done, when the buyer or her/his official lawyer presents herself/himself to the company. The Tliman company will introduce the projects to the buyers with its private car. Also buyers can reserve their intended house, by paying a deposit.